MSNBC, Nikki Fried Say Ron DeSantis MIA During Omicron Surge

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki fried and MSNBC network hosts ask where Gov. Ron DeSantis is during the omicron COVID-19 outbreak.

With long virus testing lines across the state and record levels of new cases in the past two weeks, Democrats and left-wing media are calling on the Republican governor to deal with the pandemic.

The last time DeSantis held a press conference was on December 17th, the Friday before Christmas week. The governor has not made a public appearance since, apart from a Fox News spot.

Meanwhile, Florida has gone from being a state with one of the smallest communities to one of the worst.

Fried, one of three Democrats vying to topple DeSantis in 2022, and host of MSNBC Tiffany Cross Missing DeSantis MIA said over the past week and a half.

“I don’t know where he is,” Fried said, “But quite honestly, even if he was here, he wouldn’t do anything anyway, and we know that.”

Authorities confirmed 46,923 new cases in Florida on the last day, a one-day high for the state, and 206,358 new cases last week. Only New Jersey and New York, along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, recorded more COVID-19 cases per capita than Florida last week, according to data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. updates Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Fried sent a letter to DeSantis asking him to step up state response to the latest increase in COVID-19 cases in Florida. Mayor of Orange County Jerry demings also went public on that day, DeSantis blasting so as not to do more to face the new wave.

Demings said there was a shortage of testing, too few state-backed testing sites and a lack of state-level leadership as his county and other local state governments are “Overwhelmed” with trying to answer. He also lambasted DeSantis for depriving local government of the ability to make COVID-19 policies.

Florida General Surgeon Joseph ladapo, a person appointed by DeSantis, sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Social Services Xavier Becerra accusing the president Joe bidenthe administration of obstructing the effective deployment of a COVID-19 treatment, monoclonal antibody therapy.

Fried calls on DeSantis to make testing more accessible and to push for more recalls in nursing homes.

Fried received his recall publicly on Wednesday. By comparison, DeSantis told Fox News on December 19. Maria bartiromo that he has received only the “normal hit”, probably a single injection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Booster injections limit the severity of COVID-19 infections, preventing hospitalization and death in most cases.

“I received my vaccine, my booster today,” Fried said. “I did it in public to show that this is what a leader is supposed to do, to set an example and to tell the people of our state, thank you.”

DeSantis’ response to Bartiromo’s question showed a lack of leadership, she continued, accusing the governor of dancing around the issue.

Polls show DeSantis leading all Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial race, with Election Day less than a year away. But Fried reminded viewers that DeSantis beat the 2018 Democratic nominee, Andrew Gillum, less than half a percentage point.

“This is really the question people should be asking themselves every day and especially at the polls in 2022,” Fried said. “Who do you want to be as the next governor?” Do you want someone who is going to dance around the issues, put your personal safety at risk, or someone who is going to have the booster, have it in public, be there every day, encouraging people to take action? safety, to get the vaccine, listen to the CDC and make sure you are protecting your loved ones and members of your community? “

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