Loan customers surprised after finding their accounts debited twice – WSB-TV Channel 2


ATLANTA – Karen Randazzo noticed Wells Fargo debited her bank account twice for her car loan. She noticed the error right away because she checks her balance daily.

“I am on a fixed income. I can’t afford to make two car payments in a month, ”said Randazzo.

This could have caused a domino effect of financial problems for Randazzo.

“What to do now because I was getting ready to pay my rent and worried my rent payment would bounce back because of it,” Randazzo said.

Randazzo is just one of many Wells Fargo customers who have been hit twice for their auto loans this week.


If you call Wells Fargo customer service, you will receive a recorded message confirming the problem.

It doesn’t suit clients like Randazzo.

“When something like this happens, let your client know,” Randazzo said.

Lori Silverman, of the Team Clark Consumer Action Center, said Wells Fargo should have proactively contacted affected customers.

“For Wells Fargo, making that happen and not alerting the customer is horrible,” Silverman said.

Wells Fargo won’t say how many customers have been affected, but has provided us with a statement:

“Due to a system issue within the Wells Fargo automotive business, some customers had their loan payments debited twice from their bank accounts yesterday. We have worked quickly to automatically reverse duplicate withdrawals and apologize to our customers who have been affected by this issue. “

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