Homophobic Russian MP Hosts Horrible ‘Guess Who’s Gay’ Reality Show

Russian MP Vitaly Milonov presented a gruesome, homophobic show where contestants must guess who is gay to win a cash prize.

The reality series titled I am not gay centers on eight men who move into a house in the countryside together. At the end of each episode, the men vote to eliminate another contestant they assume is gay.

If they make a correct guess, they then split two million rubles (£21,000). But if the gay man is able to escape detection, he wins the prize.

According to The temperature, the first episode, which was uploaded to YouTube, Milonov told the contestants the following: “I hope you will quickly understand the gay.”

After the group of men failed to identify who LGBT+ deputy, politician informed them that they had “killed an innocent person”.

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People on social media have mixed reviews of the show, with many being puzzled and intrigued by the show on YouTube. However, Twitter was quick to point out the issues.

A nobody tweeted.: “Brought to you by Russian homophobes and the Russian Orthodox Church: hatred, lies and stereotypes. Just as Christian nationalists want to do in the United States #GayFolk #Russia,.”

“Hahahahahaha…that can’t be true…wait is it true? The world is so fucked up I can’t say what’s funny anymore,” another added.

A third wrote: “When do we reach the dystopian part of the ‘dystopian future? I think we’re there.”

Milonov is known for his inflammatory comments, especially about gay people.

In the BBC documentary Reggie Yates’ Extreme, Russia – Gay and Under Attack, When Milonov was asked if he believed homosexuals were dangerous, he replied, “Homosexuality is disgusting. Homophobia is beautiful and natural.”

And in 2014, Milonov denounced the homosexuality of Apple CEO Tim Cook and told the FlashNerd website that he should be banned from the country.

“What could he [Cook] bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They all have inappropriate links there. Ban him for life,” he said.

Since 1993, homosexuality in Russia has been legal. Unfortunately, LGBT+ people still face social and legal challenges today.

Russia has no discrimination protections for the LGBT+ community and does not prohibit hate crimes based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

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