Fresno New Year’s advice: practice safe sex, mask yourself, don’t drink or drive – GV Wire

Fresno County health officials are reminding the public to stay safe while welcoming the New Year.

And, you can add the practice of safe sex to the New Years Eve dos and don’ts that include drunk driving warnings.

According to the Department of Health, Fresno County is experiencing an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. These include HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and hepatitis C.

While some STDs have visible or recognizable symptoms, others don’t, and the only way to know is to get tested.

“These are all initially ‘silent’ but catastrophic infections, and the only way to be sure is to get tested,” health officials said in a press release. “Don’t wait to do this if you are at risk, there are treatments available and they work best when one of these infections is caught early.”

In addition to practicing safe sex, officials say people planning to drink for New Years celebrations should plan to have a designated driver or find other transportation like Uber or Lyft.

Don’t party without a mask and vaccine

COVID-19 cases have reached the highest levels on record since the start of the pandemic with more than 265,000 new cases across the country following the Christmas celebrations.

The Associated Press reports that thousands of flights have been canceled due to a staff shortage blamed on the virus, as new cases per day have all but doubled in the past two weeks.

“Omicron is being detected across California and we are on the verge of having a large number of Fresno County residents infected with this new, highly contagious variant,” CCHF officials said. “Please wear a mask, get vaccinated and get tested to help stop the spread of this highly contagious variant.”

County health officials say there will be more home test kits widely available in early January along with new drugs planned to help fight the Omicron surge.

However, supplies will be limited and authorities say vaccinations remain the best protection for everyone.

Resources for STD Testing and Information

As Fresno faces higher levels of sexually transmitted diseases, treatments and tests are available. To learn more, visit Just The Tips.

Resources for the free COVID-19 test

For free and reliable COVID-19 tests, visit the Optum Serve sites, which operate every day.

For a list of testing sites and available resources, visit

Vaccination sites

To find vaccination sites near you, click here or visit the MyTurn portal to book an appointment online.

Quarantine guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced abbreviated quarantine guidelines for people infected with COVID-19 if they are asymptomatic.

If you are a close contact, you can return to work after a period of 5 days instead of a period of 10 days. However, the guidelines can still be applied by your employer.

For more information on the updated CDC guidelines, click here.

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